Have Gloves Will Travel brings Professional Museum Collections Management and Registrar Services to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota Museums, Historical & Cultural Societies and Private Collectors


Contractor Services in the Midwest, with a focus on Minnesota Historical & Cultural Heritage Grant projects, especially in the areas of collections management policies & procedures, collections surveys, registration, inventories, cataloging, collections storage plans, and rehousing collections artifacts.


Oh No! Ethnobotany: The safe handling and storage of potentially hazardous materials.• Registration for Exhibitions and Loans  Cultural sensitivity to and understanding of day-to-day challenges facing small museums and historical societies managed by volunteer and part-time staff  •  Inventory & Cataloging • Museum collection database management (esp. PastPerfect 5.0 and web-based Collector Systems) • Conditions assessments •  Resourcefulness with a focus on details • Taking the initiative to study discrete collections • Respectful of cultural and intrinsic objects • Expert object packing and handling • Accession, deaccession and loan procedures • Policy, Procedure & Process Development •  accessionPad™  

EXPERTISE: Registrar for Exhibitions & Loans; Collection Storage Plans; Collections Surveys; Facilitating the Development & Writing of Collections Policies and Procedures; Inventories & Cataloging; History & Science research; Guiding volunteer-led museums to understand and adopt museum standards and best practices in collections care; Identifying and solving numbering and registration problems; Collaborating with staff and outside experts to strategize and solve challenges; Providing guidance, workshops & training on the care of collections; Knowledge of digital solutions and software training; To assist and inspire!