Have Gloves Will Travel brings Professional Museum Consultant and Registrar Services to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota Museums, Historical & Cultural Societies and Private Collectors desiring expertise & experience


Contractor Services in the Midwest, with a focus on Minnesota Historical & Cultural Heritage Grant projects, especially in the areas of collections management policies & procedures, collections surveys, registration, inventories, cataloging and rehousing collections artifacts.

Professional Collections Management Concierge Services: White-glove, special, personal and attentive retainer-based service addressing the wishes and needs of small museums and private collectors in the Midwest with limited or no professional museum staff Includes organizing, arranging, managing collections, inventorying, cataloging, solving numbering problems, answering questions, providing resources and advising.  


Oh No! Ethobotany: The safe handling and storage of potentially hazardous materials.Cultural sensitivity to and understanding of day-to-day challenges facing small museums and historical societies managed by volunteer and part-time staff  •  Inventory & Cataloging • Museum collection database management (esp. PastPerfect 5.0 and web-based Collector Systems) • Conditions assessments •  Resourcefulness with a focus on details • Taking the initiative to study discrete collections • Respectful of cultural and intrinsic objects • Expert object packing and handling • Accession, deaccession and loan procedures • Policy, Procedure & Process Development •  accessionPad™  

EXPERTISE: History & Science research; Collections Surveys; Facilitating the Development & Writing of Collections Policies and Procedures; Development of phased plans for 1st time inventories; Inventories & Cataloging;  Guiding volunteer-led museums to understand and adopt museum standards and best practices in collections care; Identifying and solving numbering and registration problems; Collaborating with staff and outside experts to strategize and solve challenges; Providing guidance, workshops & training on the care of collections; Knowledge of digital solutions and software training; To assist and inspire!