An exciting new tool designed by a Professional Museum Registrar for small and mid-size museums managed by volunteers and limited staff. 


Incorporating standard museum numbering, accessionPad eliminates the guesswork and confusion over accepting and processing NEW donations.  There is no need to stop using the form your museum staff is comfortable using.  I customize your form to create a user-friendly accessionPad™. 

It's revolutionary and it's easy!  

When a donation comes in just tear off the top form of and the correct accession number is immediately there - right in front of you!  List donation items on the individual lines provided and they are instantly associated with their object number! Staff and volunteers can immediately label or tag each item with its object number. Think of all the problems that would solve! 

Staff a little anxious about labeling?  No worries! accessionPad™ comes with some amazing support materials that show "How" and "Where" to label a range of different types of artifacts - plus an Sample Example Display Board!  

NOW is the ideal time to begin using accessionPad   

The remarkable features of accessionPad™

  • Pre-printed pre-numbered customized sequential accession forms on a tear-off pad.
  • A year's worth of forms at the ready, and numerically in order!  
  • Your museum's accession/donation form customized to incorporate the standard museum numbering system and eliminate the guesswork! 
  • Eliminates time spent researching the next accession number. 
  • Effectively streamlines the donation process! 
  • Like a calendar, a new tear-off pad is available each year OR when needed. 

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